KTBYTE Pathways Overview

What can coding do for my child? Why is everyone making such a big deal about it? These questions inevitably go through a parent’s mind when they think about whether joining KTBYTE is worth it. After all, with so many other services offered on the Internet, what is it that makes KTBYTE stand out?

At KTBYTE, we believe in education for both the student and the parent. When offering highly specialized classes for the kids, we work to establish a clear line of communication with parents so that they know exactly what their child is learning and how well they are doing. The three pathways offered below are ones that will genuinely boost your child’s future.

Pathway 1: USACO

The USA Computing Olympiad is a computer science competition with four levels of ascending difficulty: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As a highly prestigious competition, colleges around the country understanding the brilliance needed to win one of these awards. At KTBYTE, we have a special series of courses meant to help your child rock each and every level. Learn more about it here.

Pathway 2: AP Computer Science

For US and Canadian citizens, advanced placement subjects are one way to jumpstart college life. Students can receive credits for high scores on AP tests, taken by those seeking gifted and talented education. That is why we have a class to help your child excel on exam day and score the highest mark possible for AP Computer Science. Learn more about it here.

Pathway 3: Machine Learning

Machine learning is a newer field that seems to grow in relevance by the day. In fact, large companies such as Google have recently invested over three billion dollars on AI and machine learning. At KTBYTE, we use unique applications and a specialized pathway of classes to introduce your child to this field and help them grasp even the most advanced concepts. Learn more about it here.

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