AP Computer Science Pathway

In recent years, computer science has grown more versatile as it becomes applicable in nearly every job sector. Some of the most exciting applications include its role in computational biology, computational physics, and digital marketing. As computers rise to become a necessity in today’s age, it can be challenging to compete against others as the digital workforce seems to increase by the day.

AP Computer Science is one way to set your child apart from the crowd. Advanced Placement courses now allow high school students to learn college-level classes and skills, even earning credits and shortening college attendance times. At KTBYTE, we understand the impact that AP Computer Science could have on your child and work to help your child succeed and grasp even the most difficult concepts.

The course itself is thirteen weeks long, with 105 minutes of lessons every week. There will also be weekly homework given and three practice exams administered over the semester. The course itself is meant to cover each part of the exam in detail so that they are prepared when they walk in on the testing day.

As pioneers of computer science education, we have created a flexible class to accommodate for every child’s needs. This means that we spend extra times on weaker areas to ensure that they have a deep understanding of all key concepts in the curriculum. We know that AP courses are inherently difficult and strive to help your child overcome it.

However, we do require them to have previous experience before taking this class. This means that your child would have preferably already taken CS02A or a year of their high school’s AP Computer Science class. We can make exceptions, however, for some children if they get approval from the KTBYTE instructors. 

Our AP Computer Science classes take place during the spring, and you can register on the website.

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