Alumni Achievements

Here are just a few of the incredible opportunities KTByte Alumni have had since enrolling in a KTByte Computer Science course.
  • KTByte’s interactive computer science education system won1st place┬áin USA national education competition by Lincoln Labs in October, 2013.
  • As of February 2016, KTByte students placed a total of 37 times into the USACO’s silver, gold, and platinum divisions (29 silver, 13 gold, 2 platinum).
  • Nine KTByte students have been accepted to MIT PRIMES programs in math, computer science, computational physics and biology.
  • All of KTByte’s high school students have received A in AP CS classes.
  • KTByte students have won over $1000 in prizes in KTByte 2014 Business and Technology Contest.
  • Students worldwide won prizes in KTByte 5K contests.