KTByte Computer Science Academy strives to develop and deliver the highest quality computer science education programs for middle and high school students. Our primary goal is to stimulate young students’ interests in computer science and help advanced students achieve higher goals. KTByte Alumni have placed in regional and national competitions, participated in selective programs such as MIT PRIMES (Program of Research in Mathematics, Engineering and Science for High School Students), and done internships computer science and other related fields. Class levels include Fundamentals, Computer Science, and Advanced, and students may start at whatever level is appropriate to their prior knowledge of the material. Our classes prepare students for AP Computer Science exams, science fair projects, and competitions such as the USA Computer Olympiad (USACO). Many of our students are from the Greater Boston area, including Lexington, Winchester, Belmont, Cambridge, Newton, Wellesley, Brookline, and Boston. 

Our Instructors

Chi Bong graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Computer Science. Before joining KTByte, he worked on products like the Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle. He teaches all levels of KTByte courses. Andrew also graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Computer Science and worked at Microsoft before joining KTByte. He discovered his passion for computer science when he was a teenager. He primarily teaches advanced classes and Olympiad Competition Prep.