USACO Pathway

As one of the largest computer science competitions in the world, the USA Computing Olympiad can easily set a child’s college application apart from others. It has four levels of increasing difficulty: USACO Bronze, USACO Silver, USACO Gold, and USACO Platinum. All of these levels have specific classes designed for them at KTBYTE. We work to help your child succeed in this high stakes competition with the tools needed through rigorous USACO training.

How a USACO Award Can Be Beneficial

  • It is a highly prestigious and internationally recognized award that can tie your child’s promising college application together.
  • It gives your child a chance to use skills and materials learned in KTBYTE courses, letting them have a place to try real-world applications in an environment similar to the workplace. This could potentially prepare them for a future job in computer science or any workplace role.
  • There is no cost to compete, and while your child gets to challenge themselves, the skills they gain through the experience are invaluable. In addition, they get additional computer science enrichment activities and an impressive achievement to add to university applications. It’s not every day that you get an opportunity like this.

USACO Bronze Award

KTBYTE has a specialized curriculum to get your child on track for this award. It begins by offering an impressive amount of resources like audio lectures, office hours, teaching assistants, and homework, all with the competition in mind. It even comes with a detailed student progress report card so that you know how well your child is doing, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

The lessons begin with the course CS01B; this lays down the fundamentals that every coder should know for the Computing Olympiad. Next, there is a specialized USACO Bronze course called CS90 which takes 18 weeks to complete. Through these essential lessons, students get the chance to review with quizzes and USACO-style questions. This class will make sure that your kid gets adequate preparation for the upcoming Olympiads.

USACO Silver Award

The lessons and USACO training in this course builds on all the materials learned when preparing for the Bronze level. It employs harder algorithms and tests the student’s knowledge of more profound and varied understandings of concepts; this is achieved through solving real-world problems using programming once again.

At KTBYTE, we believe that the skills learned for achieving this award are essential for any programming job, and participation is sure to give them a boost at a young age for a future computer science job. We recommend completing either CS02 or CS90 to make sure that they are prepared, and we will give your child a test so that we know they’ll be the right fit for the class.

Once they pass, your child will be able to take part in our specialized USACO Silver course, CS91. This semester-long course runs for 18 weeks, providing your child with the necessary knowledge needed to succeed. This includes introducing and practicing with crucial concepts such as binary searches and flood fills, along with familiarizing them with debugging as well. It is hard to find another course that will prepare them better for this level of competition, as CS91 is tailored to help students achieve success in the renowned Olympiad.

USACO Gold to Platinum Award

Gold offers a meaning of prestige, and the USACO Gold level can give your child just that when it is put on a university application. While winning an award at any level is beneficial and shows your kid’s skill in CS, the USACO Gold award proves that your child has an understanding of the complex nature found in algorithms and computer science. The USACO Platinum is the highest award possible, and the best students in our course may even achieve this rank.

In addition, taking part in the eighteen-week course gives your child access to our advanced office hours that participants in the other level courses do not see. Instructors are specially trained to offer your child beneficial help to improve their grasp on challenging ideas so that they will be prepared for ts high-level competition.

We do recommend having taken the silver and bronze courses before trying this one, as the USACO Gold to Platinum course is meant for advanced students. In addition, we recommend completing the course CS02A. This is because through the lessons, instructors draw on the fundamentals learned through critical concepts in the bronze and silver levels and deepen a teenager’s understanding through that method.


Without a doubt, a USACO award is a phenomenal achievement no matter who you are or where you would like to apply to college. KTBYTE understands its importance and created these intense courses in response so that your child can breeze through competitions and gain skills to help in the workplace. Taking a USACO course can be the perfect way to secure these awards in addition to your child’s future.

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