Projects During Week-Long Program of 6/24

The first week of summer camp has kicked off as students at four different levels venture into computer science. They get to work on creating unique games and programs throughout the course, putting their own spin to innovation while expanding into many areas. Below are some examples of projects in their classes.

FUN1w – Spirals with Trigonometry

Students got to find a visual representation for a complex math function, using code as their tool. The colorful picture drawn from their in-class project shows just how powerful programming can be in visual arts as well as modeling. Even though for many, this may be their first ever coding class, it does not seem to limit their capabilities at all.

FUN2w – KTBirds

Students got to recreate the famous game a few years back, programming a bird sprite using JavaBlocks. It only takes clicks to send the bird moving between the pipes, and kids get the first-hand experience as to how code can translate into games and direct what happens. They can tamper with the code on their own to create variations, or try to replicate it with a twist.

FUN3w – Gravity Maze

Taking the concept of gravity and learning to program it is no easy feat. Going a step further to use it in a maze is something you can only find in a KTBYTE classroom. In this project, the ball itself is affected by gravitational forces, and you have to navigate it to the end of the maze. 

CS00w – Song Creator

This project allows for user input in the programming. People using the program can press various keys to create different melodies with a changing visual. It combines code with music and art, branching into an entertaining area while showing kids the power computer science holds in all fields.

CS00w student final project presentations wrapped up the end of this week-long course:


The first week is over now, and kids have had a blast as they toyed with coding themselves, working on creating art, music, games, and more!

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