Machine Learning Pathway

Machine learning is a new area of computer science that is changing the way we can approach problems in the world. Currently, the peak of artificial intelligence has been highlighted by Google’s Duplex ( However, the technology and methods used are still in the early stages of development, and machine learning needs the next generation of innovative computer scientists to maximize its possibilities.

Your child could be the one that comes up with a revolutionary concept that changes this field as we know it. Helping them get a head start at a young age into machine learning could put them on the right track. At KTBYTE, while we understand that AI is challenging for children and adults alike, we don’t let age limit access to education and provide course materials to all who have an interest.

To simplify the process and make sure that your child understands the most up-to-date and essential ideas, we have split the area into three separate courses: Intro to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Practicum in Artificial Intelligence. Each step builds on the previous ones to ensure that students have a deep and complete understanding of the subject.

Intro to Machine Learning

CS82 is a heavy, math-focused course taught in Python. Just like any other KTBYTE class, participating in this one gains your child access to an arsenal of resources to develop their comprehension. These include a personal virtual workspace, class recordings, homework, review quizzes, and detailed progress report cards. This way, we know that they have the perfect starting point to delve into a tricky subject.

However, we understand that resources by themselves aren’t always enough, so we offer a certified KTBYTE instructor to make sure your child understands the information. Through the twelve-week intense course, they work on covering the basics of Python to dimensionality reduction. While this is the first course in the pathway, it is meant to prepare the student for future levels.

Before taking this class, we require completion of CS02A or AP Computer Science along with a basic understanding of Algebra II. Because of the nature of the challenging class, we may not have time to go over the knowledge learned in previous courses. Lessons are packed with advanced concepts and ideas that are vital to understanding machine learning, preparing your child for a job that pays an average of $110,000 in the future.

Deep Learning

Have you ever wondered how your iPhone’s Face ID works, or how self-driving cars can recognize stop signs? This requires technology known as deep learning, which is when a computer is trained to recognize various patterns and “think” about the necessary action to take. In today’s job climate, this is incredibly influential and even has a number of large companies backing the research. One notable example is Google.

At KTBYTE, we know that the next decades will see many innovations in this field, and want to help your child lead the research and progress of future generations. The class is named CS84, and this twelve-week course strives to push your child to their limits when it comes to education. We provide research-level hardware in their advanced virtual workspace, fully equipped with 16 cords, 128 BD of RAM, and advanced graphics solutions (such as a Titan X Pascal GPU).

In addition, to push your child to be the best they can be, we supply them with the best instructing material and resources that they can get. Before attending this class, we require completion of CS01B or AP Computer Science. Just like with the previous course, they need to understand Algebra II as well. KTBYTE is genuinely passionate about this subject in order to give the best path to success for your kid.

Practicum in Artificial Intelligence

Have you already completed CS84? Then in the CS85 class, or Practicum in Artifical Intelligence, your child will get to build on deep learning concepts while exploring new applications. They can figure out how to crawl, collect, and simulate systems to get the data that they need as they study in this class. This is the final and hardest machine learning course that KTBYTE offers.

To ensure their success when learning, we provide each student with a personal tutor to guide them on their research paper and presentation. This prepares them for life beyond school as they exercise time management, communication, and the art of scientific inquiry – all while honing their machine learning programming skills! This course requires knowledge from CS84 and will help them delve into the job field in the future.


Machine learning is one of the best niches that a programmer can go into, especially if they hope to alter the future for the better. Help your child become a leader of the technology of their generation by enrolling them in the introductory course and starting them on the path. As a company whose essential foundations lie upon a student’s success, we are the perfect school for kids to learn and hone programming skills that could change the world.

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