Projects During Week-Long Classes of 7/8

With another Monday brings along another week of summer classes. Each class is contained to five weekdays, and while the levels may stay the same, the projects done and shown have variety as the summer progresses. This week, there were even more unique games and programs shown at camp, testing the children’s innovation once more. Below are a few projects that students did on their own or explored as a class.

FUN1w – MS Paint

Annie decided to use her lines of code to create a blank canvas for others – literally. Her MS Paint replica allows people to draw using their mouse, choosing from four different colors. In addition, there is an eraser for mistakes. Pushing into the world of art, her program is the perfect example of the cross-disciplinary nature of coding that KTBYTE teaches kids about.

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FUN2w – Balloons Tower Defense

Yang created a game in class using the new knowledge gained from the week. A monkey shoots darts to pop balloons and earn points, and the player can control its movement. The game has both a health mechanism and the ability to keep track of how many coins have been collected.

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FUN3w – Sprializer

Through rotations, variables, and choosing random colors, the students in the class worked together to create art as they programmed the “Sprializer.” While the concepts were not too difficult to understand, the results were stunning, showing the power that even the simplest pieces of code can have when used right.

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CS00w – Jumpy Square

This final project consisted of a game with multiple levels; players try to get the pink square across the screen without hitting obstacles. The levels grow in difficulty, and the pink square is automatically respawned if it comes in contact with a blue square. The game itself consists of underlying mechanisms found in many popular and mainstream projects, giving it the potential to be something great.

CS00w Project Presentations:

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Another week of week-long classes are over, and the kids seem to enjoy expanding their knowledge in coding as they put their creativity to the test!

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