Celebrating Excellence: David Zhou Shines in 2024 Northern New England Invention Convention

Congratulations to David Zhou, a standout member of our Advanced Robotics Club at KTBYTE, for his remarkable achievement in winning first place in grade 7-12 and the Home Improvement Award at the 2024 Northern New England Invention Convention (NNE-IC). David’s dedication, creativity, and passion for innovation exemplify the values we strive to instill in our students, and his success is a testament to his hard work and ingenuity.

David’s computer science journey

David’s journey into the world of robotics and coding with KTBYTE began in 2019 when he was only 8 years old. He started working with block based code to begin understanding concepts and soon transitioned to using typed out code. Since beginning with code David has shown tremendous growth starting out at CORE2a and now working on USACO Bronze material.

David has shown a special interest in robotics, and he has over 2 years of experience with different platforms. Starting with the Arduino platform used in our clubs, he has also used robotics with LEGO and attended summer camps, gradually honing his skills. His focus on Arduino for his invention underscores his dedication to mastering different aspects of robotics, with plans to explore more technologies like Raspberry Pi in the future.

Throughout his time in KTBYTE’s robotics program, David found joy in problem-solving and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges. The guidance of our instructors allowed him to navigate complexities and find solutions. His hard work resulted in an award winning robot and presentation with the judges at NNE-IC.

The Auto Door

His project, inspired by the need for practical solutions in everyday life, aims to address the inconvenience of closing doors remotely, with potential applications in various settings, including business meetings, and to create more accessible spaces for all people.

David’s invention, the Auto Door, is a testament to his ingenuity and problem-solving skills. Designed to offer convenience and accessibility, the Auto Door utilizes Arduino technology to remotely close doors, eliminating the need for individuals to physically close them. Inspired by his own experiences during online classes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, David identified a common problem and sought to provide a practical solution that could benefit individuals in various scenarios.

The project presented several challenges for David, including power management and coding complexities. However, his determination to overcome these obstacles ultimately led to the development of a unique and innovative solution. By addressing a common everyday problem with creativity and technical expertise, David’s Auto Door has the potential to make a significant impact on society, particularly for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues.

The Future

Looking ahead, David is dedicated to further refining his invention and he will bring this project to U.S. Nationals 2024 in June. His participation in the national competition represents not only an opportunity to showcase his work but also a chance to make connections and broaden his horizons. With a focus on personal growth and impactful contributions to society, David’s journey is poised to inspire and innovate for years to come.

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