How KTBYTE Writes Letters of Recommendations

Letters of recommendation play a role in almost every application process in the US since the admissions team wants to make sure that your student has a positive impact on those around them. At KTBYTE, we hope that our instructors are close enough with your child to write a glowing letter of recommendation that gives their application an edge over others. We write them for exceptional students in our school, such as those who work for us as teaching assistants, or for software engineering interns.

Why Do You Need Letters of Recommendations?

In most college admission processes, the admissions team will ask for a letter of recommendation. These are meant to distinguish between highly competitive students for the limited number of spots, and often given an insight into the type of student that your child is. Having a strong letter of recommendation is essential for anyone who is applying to colleges around the US.

In addition, when applying for internships, a letter of recommendation would only help your child stand up above the rest. It is a good way for the instructor to talk about all the accomplishments that your child has, giving information and insights that maybe your child can’t fit into the admission essay and information. It offers a way for a reputable source to explain the best parts of your child when it comes to a school environment.

MIT Primes is one more example of a competitive program that requires a letter of recommendation. It is a year-long after-school program that lets students work on research projects. They get to help different MIT researchers on unsolved problems in math and computer science and looks good on college applications. For this selective program, students need to make sure every part of their application is perfect, down to the letter of recommendation.

What Do We Look for in Students?

For students that go above and beyond in our school, we want to write to them for our most diligent and dedicated learners. These are students who are vocal in class and ask questions to instructors when they need to, students who attend office hours to talk with the instructors. These are students who have a unique skill when it comes to computer science through their problem-solving abilities and independence in learning. We like to write these letters for students who persevere through challenges by asking questions when they are stuck or creating next-level projects.

Often times, these students will be able to take the coding lessons in class and use them in an innovative way, or find a new application for it in a different subject area. They approach the problems with an open mind to understand every aspect of it and give a comprehensive answer that demonstrates their understanding. For a truly exceptional student, we will write a truly exceptional letter of recommendation.

There is an additional ownness on the student to make sure their personality is one which indicates a passion for the class, learning, or programming in general. Its is much easier for a KTBYTE instructor to write a letter of recommendation for a student who is personable, friendly, helpful, and curious than for a student who always scores perfect marks and makes excellent projects, but rarely shows much personality in class. 

What Goes in a Letter of Recommendation?

For every letter of recommendation, we tie in a student’s accomplishments with positive characteristics. We’ll start by describing past accomplishments as a student, from prizes won in competitions to the rigor of the classes taken at KTBYTE. As we have watched them grow through the years, we’ll be able to emphasize the diligence and positive traits that let them to these awards.

Next, we’ll look at their role in our school, whether they are a teaching assistant or an intern, and give examples of how they fulfill their position and the responsibilities that they have taken on. We’ll give examples of how they’ve grown as a teaching assistant or intern, and provide anecdotes to various ways they go above and beyond when it comes to school.

By emphasizing what they have done at KTBYTE and highlighting the positive aspects of the students that led them to these accomplishments, we hope to give the admissions team a clear picture of the type of student your child is. We are able to recount all the times he’s positively impacted our school, and return the favor through a letter that shows their diligence and intelligence.

Colleges and other institutes are often interested in how well the applicant can work in flexible situations, so having group work, individual work, and projects of varying nature will help us write a more complete letter. In other words, if a student always builds similar projects, even if they are well made, the letter will be less impressive than if they student had made lots of different kinds of projects, or taken lots of different kinds of classes.


Letters of recommendation are reserved for our best students, and we write them to help your child succeed in their endeavors. It gives them a better chance of being accepted into the prestigious programs that they are applying to and shows paper writer the admissions team the best part of your child in a clear, concise way. At KTBYTE, we make sure that our letters of recommendation set your child’s application apart from the others.

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