Why KTBYTE’s Summer Program Rises Above the Rest

Educational summer camps for children typically have two goals: raise their productivity in their spare time and jumpstart their interest in a career-filled field. The extra courses during the weeks they’re off of school could help set them apart in college admissions, all while advancing their skills in a fun manner. But what sets KTBYTE apart from the other options?

At KTBYTE, the cross-disciplinary nature of coding and programming is emphasized unlike in other video game summer camps and robotics summer camps. Rather than letting kids play on their game consoles for hours, they are encouraged to learn the basics behind creating games themselves in an innovative way. Classes come at all stages, tailored for any background that your child may have – whether that is experimenting in Scratch with block coding or writing lines in Java.

In addition, it guides them into new territory that can impact their lives positively. One way is by helping them explore this new career path as the camp sparks interest. Our summer programs for kids also brings them in contact with a diverse field of classmates. According to the Century Foundation, researches have shown that “the novel ideas and challenges that such exposure brings leads to improved cognitive skills, including critical thinking and problem-solving.”

Pushing them past their comfort zones while providing a safety net through the positive environment can help your child reach new heights. They will learn teamwork, communication, and an understanding of the logic used in programming, all of which can help in the future when they are in college, or even for their careers.

The experience of summer courses may only last a few weeks, but the impact could last for the rest of their life. Our programs rise above other teen summer camps by offering brilliant opportunities that are hard to match, and at KTBYTE, we encourage your child to grab these opportunities with both hands.

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