Student Interview Webinar with Pratik B (Carnegie Mellon Computer Science, 2024) 

KTBYTE longtime student, Pratik, joined us for a chat about his research, computer science, and college application experience on July 25th Saturday at 7:30pm EDT. Pratik went to Acton Boxborough Regional High School. His work experience included a Data Scientist internship at Dana-Farber and Molecular Neurobiology Research Summer Intern at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He was invited to the National JSHS science fair competition, and was a semifinalist at Regeneron STS.  

In terms of KTBYTE courses, he’s taken the research track: CS00a, CS00b, CS01a, CS01b, and CS02a & b, CS82, 84, and 85. Pratik has also placed in USACO bronze and silver.

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