Competitions and Programs for Students to Participate In

Here is a slideshow with details on local, regional, national, and international computing or computer science competitions:


And here is the list mentioned in our recent seminar:

  • Elementary School
    • KTByte FUN
    • Hour of Code
    • Girls Who Code
    • CoderDojo
    • Computer Camps / Summer Week Long Programs
    • MOOCS: Khan Academy, Codecademy,
  • Project Competitions, Hackathons
    • LexHack, HackNEHS, MetroHacks
    • College level, find via, e.g. wellesleyhacks, hackumass, pennapps,, hackbca, stuyhacks
    • KTBYTE 1k, 5k
  • Robotics
    • Botball, Vex, RoboFest, and More
    • FLL, FTL, FRC
  • AP Computer Science, College Credit
  • Algorithmic Programming Competitions
    • ACSL
    • Local Competitions (WPI, Stanford, Cornell, etc)
    • USACO
  • Research
    • MIT Primes
    • Local Science Fairs
    • National Science Fairs
      • Google Science Fair
      • Intel
      • Regeneron
      • Broadcom
      • Conrad
      • Davidson Fellow
      • Siemens
      • DYSC
      • MIT Think

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