Nov 2016 Student Parent Announcements

For KTByte students and parents: 1. HOLIDAY SCHEDULE There are no classes from Monday 11/21 to Sunday 11/27 (one week), Monday 12/19 to Sunday 1/1/2017 (two weeks). The spring semester will start the week of 2/6/16. 2. HOMEWORK HELP HOURS REMINDER Teaching Assistant (TA) web-conference/in-person office hours are the following: Sunday 6:30-8:30pm Tuesday 4-6pm Thursday 6:30-8:30pm (web-conference only) Saturday 5-7pm Saturday 6:30-8:30pm Students, please email your instructor for the office hours gotomeeting link if you can’t find it. The USACO prep class students will have two separate office hours Tue 4:10-5:10 and Fri 7:25-8:25pm. 3. TESTIMONIALS We are really interested in your feedback and would love you to provide us with a short testimonial about your experience with KTByte and Computer Science in general. How has KTByte helped you achieve your personal and/or academic goals? We would also like to know why you chose to learn CS and what your hopes are for the future. Please send your testimonial and comments to kelly [at] ktbyte [dot] com 4.STUDENT HOMEWORK REPORT Our teachers are in the process of preparing and sending out student reports for CS00, CS01, CS01b, and CS02. Project based and advanced classes will not have reports. Detailed instruction of how to read the report are included in the email. Please save the email and keep the link which you can use to check your child’s progress periodically.    5. KTBYTE 1K CONTEST REMINDER – DEADLINE NOVEMBER 27th The 1k contest is a great opportunity for all students CS00 and above to try a small project. Parents, please encourage your children to try the contest, and we encourage students to talk about their projects during office hours. Here is more information: 6. MIT PRIMES APPLICATION DEADLINE – DECEMBER 1st Anyone who is applying to MIT PRIMES please note the deadline is December 1st. You can find more information here:    7. USACO CONTEST WILL START IN DECEMBER 2016 The USA Computing Olympiad contest season starts in December, and typically occurs again in January, February, and April each year. This a national competition and free to everyone. To participate, simply open an account at and join the competition from your home computer. The contest is typically 3-5 hours long and your time begins when you start the contest. We encourage anyone in current CS02 or above to try to take the USACO contest. It is also a very good learning opportunity. Please contact us if you are interested in a short week-long USACO prep class during the week of December 26, 2016. We can open one if there are enough students. 8. SPRING 2017 CS AP PREP CLASS We will be running a CS AP prep class twice a week starting at the beginning of the spring semester and ending right before the AP test date. This class will be most suitable to students who took our class before and need some review before the AP exam. It is also very helpful for non-KTByte students who are currently taking CS AP classes in their schools and who need some help. So please refer this class to your friends: 9. SPRING ENROLLMENT OPEN SOON Spring early bird enrollment is open for new students. Current students please wait until mid-December for teacher recommendations.   If you are a current student you will notice a major change in our registration form. Parents will need an account to enroll now, and you will need to provide your student account ID and password to link it to the parent’s account. This will ensure that the student’s assignments and reports are sent to the right people, and it will reduce the in-class setup time. We appreciate your patience and feedback while we make changes to our system. 10. NEW ONLINE AND IN PERSON CLASSES IN SPRING We are adding one CS00 in person class in Lexington and one online Pre-CS as well online FUN1 and FUN2 classes in the upcoming spring semester. 11. NEW FUN CLASSES WILL BE OFFERED IN NEWTON LOCATION IN SPRING We are excited to announce the opening of in-person FUN1 and FUN2 classes in our Newton location in the spring semester. FUN1 will be held every Thursday 4:10-5:10 and FUN2 will be every Thursday 5:20-6:20pm. The address is 437 Cherry St, Newton, MA. Contact us for free trials and tell your friends about these new classes. 12. WINTER BREAK WEEK-LONG PROGRAM REGISTRATION OPEN We are in the process of setting up early registration for winter and spring break programs. KTByte students who are interested in being TAs for these classes, please contact yuan [at] ktbyte [dot] com . Here is a preliminary list of the week-long classes we plan to offer. Please let us know if you’re interested a class but it is not on the list. List:

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