Webinar with Chris Barnes: Game Developer | Talks @ KTBYTE

KTBYTE students love video games. Parents – maybe you feel like your kids are playing too many games. Students – maybe you want your parents to understand that your passion for gaming can teach you practical skills, and help you with developing your own games! Join us for this talk with senior game developer, Christopher Barnes, to learn about how he turned his passion for gaming into a career! Christopher Barnes graduated from Cornell University, with a B.A. in Computer Science. His passion is in developing scalable and secure web services, and has years of experience applying this passion in the mobile games industry. Find out what it’s like to work as a software engineer in the gaming industry, his experience co-founding Doppio Games, and what are some cool technologies in the field right now! 00:00 – 01:30 Preamble/Webinar Set up 01:30 – 03:15 Introductions 03:15 – 04:11 KTBYTE Class Descriptions 00:04:11 – 05:05 Seminar Outline 05:05 – 07:25 Christopher’s Work History 07:25 – 12:50 Educational Background 12:50 – 15:44 Jobs out of College 15:45 – 20:20 Education Relating to Work 20:20 – 23:20 What do you like about CS? 23:20 – 33:13 Working in the Games Industry 33:13 –  41:43 Doppio Games/ The Vortex game description 41:43 – 53:37 Parent Questions / FAQs 53:37 – Development Process

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