We Interview our Students


1. Interview with Jackson

Some Key Points:
  • Jackson is going into 9th grade.
  • He enjoyed learning about Nodes the most, and programming snake is his favorite project in CS01a.
  • His tips: “In programming, all the things you find hard in the beginning gets easier (ie. If statements and Loops).
  • Computer Science improved his understanding of Maths.
  • In the future, he would like to get a programming job.
  • His favorite thing about Computer Science is the feeling of accomplishment after working on a long project and finally getting it right.

1. Interview with Andy

Some Key Points:
  • Andy is going into 10th grade.
  • His favorite topic is data structures and he enjoys making things rather than playing games that somebody else made.
  • He thought Functions was hard, but he overcame the difficulties and now finds it very useful.
  • Andy is placed in USACO Bronze, and participated in a lot of Hackathons. Hackathons are events where people gather in one location to build software and hardware applications in a couple days.
  • He suggests people check out the Coder on KTBYTE.

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