Student Feature: Doreen

Doreen is one of the highly talented students that we have here at KTBYTE. Living in China, Doreen was unable to take out in person classes. However, thanks to KTBYTE’s excellent online classes, Doreen was still able to get her powerful Computer Science enrichment. Since she enjoyed the online classes so much, Doreen and her parents came to the United States to experience and in person summer camp. Below is an interview with Doreen outlining her experience with KTBYTE.

What classes have you taken? Do you plan on taking anymore?

I have completed the FUN2A and FUN2B classes online, and have recently taken FUN2W and FUN3W during the KTBYTE summer camp, in Lexington. After this I plan to take FUN3B as it was recommended to me by my teacher. Afterwards, I’ll probably take CS00A.

Did you have any coding experience prior to taking a class with KTBYTE?

Nope. I started completely from scratch and have learned everything I know from KTBYTE classes.

How do feel your experience was with KTBYTE? How were the instructors, classmates and class content?

My experience with KTBYTE was pretty good overall. I especially enjoyed the interactive learning environment here that I experienced in every class. I feel as though that edition had really helped me to make progress. I also loved the fact that the teachers integrate humor into lessons and try their best to ensure the class is fun.

Which do you think was the most difficult part of KTBYTE Lessons? What do you think was your favorite part?

The hardest thing for me was that it is sometimes hard for me to focus on my basics since I was continuously learning new and more advanced content. But that was also my favorite part. Learning the new content and solving the challenging things was something I enjoyed even though it was difficult at times. 

What kind of skills do you think the experience with KTBYTE helps you develop?

An obvious growth is teamwork. I still remember when we did a group project in the class. I managed to finish my part quite quickly before helping my teammates with their part. This allowed our group finish first. This really helped me understand the value of working as a team instead of as one. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the feeling of winning as a team.

To allow you to have a better understanding of Doreen’s learning experience, we also talked with her parents.

What was your experience with KTBYTE?

The experience here has been excellent. We don’t know much about computer science, but we can tell from Doreen’s feedback that she got a great sense of achievement every time she picked up new things or completed projects. We have also recently notices that she is more confident and better at working with others.

How do you get to know about KTBYTE?

We registered a free trial through the QR code posted inside a WeChat group, and we found it pretty nice, so we decided to pick a class after the trial. 

Whats your opinion for Doreen’s future journey with computer scienceļ¼Ÿ

It depends on her. We don’t plan to intervene in her studies much. The most important thing for us now is her studies in school. Since she has to take the high school entrance examination in China, the time spent on computer science will lessen slightly. However, we are considering her taking the USACO in the future.

Do you have any suggestions for other parents who are also abroad? 

We strongly suggest parents to bring their kids abroad. It is at this age that children have the time and motivation to practice and broaden their horizon. I’ve definitely noticed that the teaching style and learning environment here is entirely different from what it is in China, which is better for children to develop confidence, team spirit and communication

What are your suggestions for KTBYTE? 

More specific guidance and suggestions can be provided to parents, especially since some of us know nothing about computer science.

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