RS05/RS15 Students Projects

Assistive Technology – Best in Grades 7-11: Griffin Li – Answer IT

Animal welfare – Best in grades 7-11: William Zhang – DEM

Community Awareness – Best in Grade 6: Kaden Shin – AFFSW

Environmental Impact – Best in Grade 5: Brandon Xie – Eco Warner

Health and Wellness – Best in Grade 7-11: Ria Mishra – Patient Alert System

Home Improvement – Best in Grade 3: Andrew Xu-Ding – Fire Guardian

Sports/Games/Toys/Music – Best in Grade 5: Jakob Farr – Umpire Buddies

Best in Grade 3rd Grade – 2nd Place: Andrew Xu-Ding – FireGuardian

Best in Grade 6th Grade – 3rd Place: Yuanheng Mao – CareBot

Best in Grade 6th Grade – 1st Place: Jerry Xu – TerraMech

Best in Grade 7-11 Grade – 3rd Place: Keyan Shahidullah – Guide Belt

Best in Grade 7-11 Grade – 1st Place: Tanishi Mishra – ExpertTracker

Best in Show Electric: Jakob Far – Umpire Buddies

Best in Show Global Impact Sustainability: Tanishi Mishra – The ExpertTracker

Best in Show Disruptive Tech 2nd Place: Jerry Xu – TerraMech

Griffin Li – Answer IT

William Zhang – DEM

Kaden Shin – AFFSW

Brandon Xie – Eco Warner

Ria Mishra – Patient Alert System

Andrew Xu-Ding – Fire Guardian

Jakob Farr – Umpire Buddies

Yuanheng Mao – CareBot

Jerry Xu – TerraMech

Keyan Shahidullah – Guide Belt

Tanishi Mishra – ExpertTracker

Kaden Shin – Waterbot

The Water-Bot is an advanced faucet specialized in saving water. The main feature is a motor that changes the flow rate for different size objects.

Yuanheng Mao – CareBot

The Carebot is a device that uses Machine Learning Algorithms to help and care for people with Dementia. It recognizes objects or words, gives out definitions and instructions, and can play and record audio. The Carebot is relatively compact and easy to use, and can be a low-costing replacement for a caretaker.

Keyan Shuhidullah – The Guide Belt

My invention, The Guide Belt, is a belt that aids blind people in navigating their surroundings. The belt detects objects around the wearer, and then shows them a clear path without any obstacles.

Jakob Farr – The Umpire Buddy

Brandon Xie – Eco-Warner

William Zhang

The DEM is an automated system that trains pet dogs to shoot baskets. The goal of the DEM is to make having a dog less of a hassle and to assist people who have less active lifestyles to own active dogs. The DEM combines ease of access with complex technology by having a large user interface with 2 LCDs with a keyboard and the ability to be controlled remotely through wifi. 

Jerry Xu – TerraMech

My project is TerraMech. It can autonomously maneuver and detect weeds in your yard, and then exterminate them. It hopes to reduce time and effort spent on doing yard work so you can spend your valuable time doing more important activities.

Andrew Xu-Ding – FireGuardian

My invention is called FireGuardian.

It is a fire detection device which, can sense temperature and gas changes in the environment. Many devices can be placed in different regions of the house and linked onto a wireless server. FireGuardian can notify the owner or fire fighter exactly where the fire is. This enables the owner of the house or fire department to react accordingly to avoid the fire or limit the fire from spreading, saving lives and reducing property damage.

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