Machine Learning Researcher, Danny | Talks @ KTBYTE

Danny is a graduate student at University of Southern California. Danny has worked in the industry for the last 7 years as a Software Engineer and transitioned into Machine Learning the past 4 years. His main work in Machine Learning has been under USC’s Research Labs where he has developed novel Machine Learning techniques to solve multi-disciplinary problems. Danny’s research contributions include Machine Learning techniques by which Open Source Software systems can be analyzed. Applications of Machine Learning in Human Robot Interaction and Reinforcement Learning, improving existing Interactive Learning techniques by which a robot can learn. Other applications include utilizing Machine Learning models in generating Human Behavior predictive models in studying ethnically discriminated tribes in Africa. Currently Danny is working on a DARPA funded project at USC in introducing Machine Learning techniques by which complicated parts currently manufactured by hand can be manufactured at scale by robots.
Danny currently co-teaches our advanced AI, machine learning classes: CS82 Statistical Learning, CS84 Deep Learning, and CS85 Practicum in Artificial Intelligence.

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