KTBYTE Student Interview: Kelsey Ji (Princeton, 2024)

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Can’t view this video?

If you’re in China: https://content.ktbyte.cn/videos/kelsey-webinar.mp4

If you’re in the US: https://content.ktbyte.com/videos/kelsey-webinar.mp4

To find Hackathons, Kelsey uses: mlh.io (Major League Hacking)

The list of Hackathons that she recommends are HackNEHS (Hack New England High Schools), MetroHacks, and LexHack. The previous three are all high-schoolers only. Other ones include: Code Day (regional), TechTogether (biggest female/non-binary in nation).

For coding help, Kelsey recommended Stackoverflow as a free learning resource: https://stackoverflow.com

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