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Senior instructors with software engineering and tutoring experience:

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Bobby Gupta, Purdue University

Bobby majored in computer science at Purdue University, where he also worked as a teaching assistant. He currently works as a software engineer at Salesforce.

Bruce Whistler, Columbia University; Johns Hopkins University; University of Maryland

Bruce has multiple degrees in Mathematics, Atmospheric Science, and Computer Science. He’s had years of experience working as a Programmer Data Analyst.

Alex Brockunier, The University of Texas at Austin

Alex graduated from University of Texas Austin with a BS in Computer Science. He works as a machine learning and software engineer, and enjoys programming his own games.

Akhil Khanna, Queens College

Akhil graduated from Queens college with a major in Computer Science. Akhil has experience making creative mobile apps and worked as a tutor at his college.

Karthik Ramesh, University of California, Los Angeles

Karthik is a Computer Science graduate from UCLA, and works as a Systems Engineer at PennyMac Loan Services, LLC.

Jake Allyn, University of California Irvine

Jake started programming while he worked with a Physics professor at UC Irvine. He has experience with Augmented Reality and currently works as a Software Developer at Pixoul.

Kenneth Yee, University of Minnesota

Kenneth is a recent Computer Science graduate at the University of Minnesota. He has TA experience at school, and has worked as a computer tutor for the elderly.

Timothy Zhou, Northwestern University

Timothy graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and a Master’s in Computer Science from Northwestern University. He’s experienced in Projects in Machine Learning, and approximation algorithms. 

Weiyu Wang, Cornell University

Weiyu graduated from Cornell with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, and a minor in Physics. He’s had teaching assistant experience at school, and machine learning internship experiences at many tech companies. He’s currently pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science at Cornell.

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Junior Instructors in College

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Kevin Liang, Tsinghua University

Kevin is a college student majoring in computer science at Tsinghua University in China with a focus in software engineering. He grew up in the US, has worked as an SAT tutor in Shanghai, and taught Java classes for two years.

Alan Chen, New York University

Alan is currently a computer science major at New York University minoring in mathematics. He enjoys making projects and competing in Hackathons.

Hanzheng Li, Cornell University

Han is a freshman at Cornell University from Houston, Texas studying computer science and psychology, hoping to eventually specialize in artificial intelligence, financial technology, or product design. He takes pride in unifying the social sciences with STEM, creating apps that solve day-to-day issues in the 21st century.

David Paner, UC Berkeley

David is at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Data Science. On campus, he is involved with Berkeley Engineers and Mentors where he helps develop and teach lessons to inspire local students to pursue careers in STEM. He is also a member of Codeology, where he works on innovative projects in various fields.

Nicole Packard, Carnegie Mellon

Nicole Packard is currently studying Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Lillian Joyce, Cornell University

Lillian is currently a sophomore at Cornell University, pursuing a major in Computer Science with an external concentration in economics. She loves data science, machine learning and game theory.

Dennis Fenchenko, New York University

Dennis is a undergraduate student at New York University, pursuing a double major in computer science and mathematics. He is working as a teaching assistant at university as well as on several projects with faculty members.

Carolyn Kolazyck, McGill University

Carolyn is a rising senior at McGill University, where she is studying Computer Science and Statistics. Her previous work experience in computing and technology includes a computer vision internship. She was a coordinator and instructor for a Computer Science and Engineering program at Boston University for 9th grade girls.

Abubakar Kasule, Dartmouth College

Abubakar is a Computer Science Major modified with Biology at Dartmouth College, with programming tutoring experience.

Benjamin Siege, Brandeis University

Benjamin is a computer science and linguistics major at Brandeis University, where he also works as a teaching assistant. He has a internship experience at Amazon.

Brendan Sullivan, Cornell University

Brendan is a student at Cornell University studying Electrical Computer Engineering. He is interested in computer architecture and high performance/energy-efficient computing.

Kevin Ko, UC Berkeley

Kevin is majoring in computer science at UC Berkeley, where he has teaching assistant experience. He is currently working as a Software Engineer Intern at InternSumo Logic.

Lanting Chiang, University of Pennsylvania

Lanting is majoring in Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, where she has teaching assistant experience. She also works part-time at PennLabs as a backend engineer.

Mahesh Menon, University of Virginia

Mahesh is currently pursuing a degree in computer science at the University of Virginia. He started programming his first year of high school and has experience tutoring at his high school and local library.

Maria Rocha, Duke University

Maria is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Duke University, with teaching and research experience.

Tanya Krishan, UC Berkeley

Tanya is pursuing a degree in Data Science and Economics at UC Berkeley, with internship experience at Deloitte Digital and currently works as a research intern at school.

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